Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Do It

So my friends have recently been after me for not posting on my blog. I know, I'm lazy. In my defense though I have....let's say more interesting....things to do. So then I was just going to post these few sentences to appease them. Yes, that's how I am. Almost.

Instead I thought I'd throw out a nice little shout-out to one of my favorite tech websites. I check it practically every day (nerd!). It's called CNET. What does that stand for? Well I know you don't really care, so let's just say it's your complete source for all things tech related. Here's a small offering of some of my favorite stuff:

The Home Page - Well you can't really go wrong with this can you? The latest incarnation of the home page includes some features and some nice links to top stories. A great starting point to get the latest news, including previews, reviews, and every other kind of views for all sorts of products and companies.

Crave - This is the greatest place for all things crazy. All day long they post articles of new, weird, and sometimes awesome products. I most recently found this one that my GF thought was so awesome.

CNET tv - Videos? That's right friends, and not just reviews. Here you can find some great short shows, some daily and some weekly. Some of my favorites include: The Buzz Report, CNET Mailbag, CNET Top 5, The Apple Byte, and Prizefight. Other great features that even those of you not too tech minded might enjoy include Insider Secrets and Quick Tips. These are short tips you can use to make the software you use every day even better. Examples include getting the most of out of your firefox browser and learning how to use your iPod on multiple computers, or multiple iPods on one computer. How helpful.

Well that's a nice brief overview so I think you get the idea. It's easy to explore and also has tons of free software through it's subsite You can also subscribe to most of the blogs, including the video shows. Hope you enjoy!

Oh cruising CNET to write this, I just found out season 20 of the Simpsons is now going to be broadcast in HD beginning Feb. 15th! I'm not sure it matters, but any Simpsons news is good news I say.....

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Kim said...

Oh! Am I the more interesting thing you have to do??

Um ... that did not sound good.