Thursday, April 23, 2009

Build a Band

I know most of you have probably played or at least seen either Guitar Hero or Rock Band in some form or another. So it wouldn't really come as a surprise that a new game is coming out in this intensely popular series'. If you haven't been paying close attention then you may have missed that the biggest news so far was the announcement of Beatles Rock Band.

That's right, the Beatles, hits and all in a video game. Lots of rumors circulated around about how this will work and what songs will be included, etc., etc. Obviously this is huge, and I have no doubt that this edition of Rock Band (the first band specific version) will be bigger than any before it. However, what you might have missed is the other new version of Rock Band coming out later this year. That's right, another Rock Band game. What is it you ask? Who is the featured band? Well, prepare yourself.......It's LEGO Rock Band!! That's right folks, all the building blocks you love with none of the frustration of being unable to get those two stupid bricks apart. And all amidst the background of some popular music.

Now rumors of this supposed game came out a while back, but almost every site that carried the "leaked" news hoped that it was a hoax. After all, the Lego brand has made some quality useful games that everyone loves. They said there were coming out with a new one, but of course it would be from the ever popular Harry Potter Legos or maybe a sequel to the Indiana Jones game. It would Band. Oh how wrong they all were. Let's talk about why this game could be awesome, and what I hope as a true Lego fan it will be.

First of all, everyone loves building stuff. Secondly, these games are notorious for how awesomely amusing they are. Nothing makes me laugh like seeing a Lego Chewbacca character put a Lego Storm Trooper helmet on top of his head. So how could it be awesome? Well by being amusing of course. You get to build your own Lego rocker. Awesome. Then you get to build a Lego band. Awesome. Then you get to build your roadies and all your other cool stuff. That's right, awesome. What do I hope for? Well, for one thing it has to have good music. I mean I can love taking the heads off of little Lego dudes for a solid half hour, but if the music isn't good I'm not sure it's worth more than a cheap rent for kicks. They haven't released the tracks yet (other than the few in the article linked to above), but The Final Countdown makes me optomistic.....I think....At least all of my friends that love Arrested Development will appreciate it.

One thing to notice is that this game is presumably for kids. Like all the Lego games it should have some great easy fun for kids and some nice humor and nostalgia for adults. Hopefully the track listing will be of the same vein. Of course slated for the holiday season makes sense even though it is close to that Beatles launch. So granted they're not going to set any records, but I really think this could be a fun game. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason the idea of building up my band out of Legos sounds like a unique experience that you could do over and over for a least a little while. Getting to play with the legos and enjoy some music sounds like a great time. Here's hoping that they include the Star Wars theme to tie it all together (fingers crossed)..........

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