Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girls vs. Guys Tech Style

I'm always fascinated with trends and statistics in the tech world. It amazes me how they can change so rapidly, much more so than in a lot of other industries. What's even more amazing is that in this tight economy people still don't want to give up their tech. Sure things are slowing down a little, but not nearly so much in the tech world as in other places. Apparently you people really love your cell phones and computers. I guess it is a somewhat worthy form of entertainment, and will last you longer than one night. And on that note comes an interesting new study on singles and their tech. If you're a single guy or girl, you'll want to keep reading. If you're not....well keep reading anyway, they'll probably publish the non-single version in like a week and I don't want to do this all again....haha.

I came across this study in my usual cnet perusing and thought it was quite interesting. The notion of technology among singles is worth a closer look. After all, communication is key for any single whether it's trying to find that special someone or just complaining that they don't exist to your friends. So what's the article say? Well the big news is that girls are just as tech savvy as guys are. Now I can hear all you ladies out there wondering why this is news....of course girls are just as big into this stuff as guys. After all, you pretty much invented cell phones with all your long conversations carrying those corded phones around your house.

So if you look at the wonderful chart in the article you'll notice the first line is on cameras. So yeah, nearly everyone and their brother owns a camera. The girls slightly edged out the guys in this one, but just barely which is suprising considering I think you're 10 times more likely to catch a girl actually carrying around her camera to use than you are a guy, but maybe that's just me. Also not a huge surprise that they were pretty even in the MP3 player department. Everyone loves music, right?

The real shocker comes after these in the video games department. That's right, I said video games. Not only are girls playing video games nowadays, they're buying and owning their own. And while you will find this was the biggest difference between the sexes, it's still only 9%. So what's the reason behind all this? Well you could say it's new games like those "let's raise a virtual puppy or kitty" or "I'm going to pretend to marry Ashton Kutcher" in the Sims. You could also say that it's that hip Nintendo Wii with all those wonderful "you don't have to be a hardcore gamer to play games", and "I want to get in shape without having boys stare at me at the gym" games. Certainly those things all help, but if you ask me it's about more than that. People realize today that not all games are about shooting aliens and playing football. I definitely believe that things like the Nintendo Wii have opened up the lines of communication to previously unreached masses (girls and guys alike) to see what possibilities are out there. This is the time that all the girls you thought didn't like video games are looking back and saying I loved saving the princess in Mario. Now they're asking when the princess is going to save him.

You can take this study how you want, but believe me girls are a huge market out there. And not just for those cute games. My girlfriend only wants to play a few games when she comes over, Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. So you can say what you want about guys dominating in the tech world, but trust me, there's a reason all those new little devices come in pink.

Update: A news article on Yahoo! this morning apparently contradicted the article I linked to about Ashton Kutcher, which I now see has been edited so that the Yahoo! article must be correct.....I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I see a twitter scandal a brewing....

Update 2: After some investigating I discovered I was not going crazy. On both the 404 podcast page as well as the Loaded from Thursday CNN is mentioned as the 1 Million Twitter followers winner. It looks like a Twitter glitch showed the wrong number of followers sometime Thursday morning, but Ashton Kutcher officially won sometime Thursday evening. Congrats to both of them.....I think....

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